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"Why The Bleep Cant I Stop Over Eating" Here Now!

"Why the "bleep" can't I stop overeating?"

If you have asked yourself this question my new eBook will give you 3 foundational reasons that you are stuck in a negative eating cycle. 


If you're done with feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed, struggling with a negative eating cycle and you'd like to transform your inner critic into uplifting self-talk so you can feel light, free and available for your dreams then download your free eBook by clicking the link below.

Why the "bleep" can't I stop overeating?

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Alexandra Morgan


You know you are meant for so much more.


You know there is something inside of you, a part of you just waiting to get out and become the person you know you were supposed to be. 

She is calling you and you can't ignore her anymore.

She is right there, she always has been, but this system has overburdened and overwhelmed you and she is struggling to get out. 

I am here to help guide you on how to connect to your body and back to yourself, so you never need to diet and stress again. 

You're not alone in this, and you deserve all the love and support on your path to healing. 


Alexandra Morgan Coaching.


I have been where you have been. I struggled for years trying to understand "what was wrong" with my body. My thoughts were... "I want to be skinny" and I never felt skinny which meant I never felt like I fit in anywhere. 

Crazy right?

On my journey to "skinny" I learned WHY I felt that way. 


What I was experiencing was water retention and inflammation. For me inflammation feels like I am bigger than usual, so I labelled that as feeling "fat". 

Couple that with being really bloated from over eating and I was on a downward spiral. 

I knew what I had to do but my life situation was that of... "uninspiring" to say the least. 

I was in a job that I did not align with that made me sad and sick. Outside of that I spent all my time trying to heal my body from the damage I was doing while simultaneously trying to heal it. It was a constant game getting me nowhere. 

Discovering Inner Child Coaching and working with my feminine cycle changed my life. 

I healed my eating disorder through my feminine cycle, and I changed my life through healing my inner child and now I want to help you do the same. 

It's not about being the best.

It's not about being perfect.

It's about giving ourselves permission to show up as we are and feeling true JOY!

I did it and I know you can too!

If you feel the calling to talk about where you are at with your negative eating cycle and you would like to explore what it would look like to heal that part of yourself, click the link below to book your free 45-minute 1-on-1 consultation with me where I will find out exactly where you are at.

I will help you get to the root cause of your negative eating

cycle, and I will give you at least 1 actionable step that you can implement right

away, to help you get to where you want to be.

No obligations. This is not a sales call. 

If you're done with feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed, struggling with a negative eating cycle and you'd like to transform your inner critic into uplifting self-talk so you can feel light, free and available for your dreams then book a call today. 

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Testimony on Alexandra's coaching services.

Coaching with Alex provides a feeling of immediate relief for clarity to drop in. She has the ability to zoom out and zoom in as needed. I had some wonderful 'a-hah' moments which led me to taking effective action steps. Thank you Alex, I look forward to working with you again for sure.


Sunshine Coast


What it's Like Working with Alexandra

Testimony on Alexandra's coaching services.

Personal clarity is important, but WOW! In the short time I've worked with Alexandra my life has finally taken the turn I've been waiting years for!

I've worked with other coaches, I've spent 1000s of hours and dollars in the Self-improvement isle at the book store, AND I'm also a life coach!


Vanessa Redford

Life & success Coach, USA

Alexandra Morgan Coaching.

Our new eBook has the answers you've been searching for. Discover the three key reasons trapping you in a cycle of negative eating and start your journey to a healthier, more confident you. Say goodbye to embarrassment and overwhelm, and embrace uplifting self-talk that will leave you feeling lighter than ever.

Why the "bleep" can't I stop overeating free ebook.

Tired of battling with overeating and that nagging question,
"Why the 'bleep' can't I stop overeating?"



Alexandra Morgan is a transformation and empowerment coach, who loves health, fun, riding her bike at the beach, surfing, walking, yoga, tennis, singing and dancing in her lounge to name a few. Her super power is listening and using her intuition to help you use your intuition to find your way back home to your true self and reignite your passion for life. Alexandra is a Certified Life and Success Coach, NLP and Matrix Therapies Practitioner, Female Cycle Health Expert and Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. Her own experience of a  lifetime of understanding and surviving narcissistic abuse, being diagnosed with Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, PCOS, perimenopause at 26, eating disorders and body dysmorphia she was unable to find treatment that worked from the field of medicine. She continued to experience break outs, weight issues, negative eating cycles, bloating, low energy and brain fog until she discovered the power of her female cycle which is now the basis of her coaching program. Alexandra has invested upwards of $60,000 in her own personal inner work and growth journey and is always looking forward to her next journey.

“I LOVE BEING COACHED! And I want everyone to get the

same benefits I have received!”

Alexandra Morgan

Alexandra Morgan Coaching.
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