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6 Months to Freedom!

This is a unique coaching package for busy, overwhelmed women who truly wish to understand their bodies and emotions, and how we change through our physiological cycles, week to week and month to month.


  • Stressed, time poor, overwhelmed and over it?

  • Unsatisfied in your relationships?

  • So stressed, upset and confused that you don't know how to get yourself out of it at times, and a bad morning turns into a whole day and maybe even a whole week... and maybe even a whole month.... and maybe just every day feels pretty average? 

  • Struggling with- weight, PMS, energy, Anxiety?

  • Feeling stuck and worthless?

If so, you are not alone...

Would you like to...

• Increase confidence in your body and self with a deep understanding of your own individual needs and how to respond to those needs.

• Improve your relationships with your partner, family, friends and children?

• Gain increased control over your life, your moods, energy levels, sense of spirit, your skin and weight and the ability to exude confidence whilst being your true and unique self.

• Wherever you are in your cycle, empowered to feel beautiful because you are, feel relaxed, and calm, all through harnessing the power of working with your cycle, instead of against it.

• Free yourself from the pain, confusion and frustration of fatigue, feeling helpless and hopeless through a deep understanding of why you feel this way. Through my very personal journey of discovery and gaining knowledge I can help you attain calm, balance, deep self –awareness and an inner strength which will transform your life.

If this sounds like you... Book a free consultation to see if this program can help you.

6 months


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