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Alexandra Morgan

Transformation & Empowerment Coach

Alexandra is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach, master practitioner of Matrix Therapies and Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Her calling and passion is to share the powerful and transformational knowledge she has gained to unlock our subconscious minds, to release people from the limitations imposed on us through our childhoods and adolescence. Creating self-awareness is Alexandra's passion.

Each of us walks through life with ‘blind spots’, unhelpful, unchecked behaviors and beliefs that are instilled in us through our formative years.


Often these learnings and messages are no longer helpful, limiting our ability to reach our true potential, be our best selves, and forge our own unique path through life.


Alexandra believes, our health begins with our feelings. Our feelings and emotions get stored in our bodies and make us sick and we absolutely CAN heal ourselves.


We do not have to be prisoners of our pasts and our own bodies. When we realize the only thing holding us back is ourselves, everything is now possible. 


Personal clarity is important, but WOW! In the short time I've worked with Alexandra my life has finally taken the turn I've been waiting years for!

I've worked with other coaches, I've spent 1000s of hours and dollars in the Self-improvement isle at the book store, AND I'm also a life coach!

But having someone support you and hold up the mirror for you to see what's been missing and what's holding you back! (this was huge for me) and who can challenge you and be there WITH you - THAT made all the difference.

Thank you so much, Alexandra. I'm happy to say that since working with you my life will never be the same - THANK GOODNESS!

I feel much more clarity that my personal boundaries are finally working FOR ME instead of creating a barrier between me and my loved ones and the world.

I'm sending much love + cheer!

Vanessa Redford

Life & success Coach, USA


Coaching with Alex provides a feeling of immediate relief for clarity to drop in. She has the ability to zoom out and zoom in as needed. I had some wonderful 'a-hah' moments which led me to taking effective action steps. Thank you Alex, I look forward to working with you again for sure.

Alina, Sunshine Coast





Hello, thank you for stopping in here to explore how to upgrade your truth. 

I have always been a conscious observer in my life, from a very young age I was sitting back and observing my surroundings. It wasn't until my late 20s, and I intentionally changed my community, that I started regularly hearing from people I respected how self-aware I was and it's this part of me that drives my desire for growth.  


 Most of what I saw growing up did not make a lot of sense to me. I learned very quickly that people do not mean what they say or say what they mean, and I became hyper vigilant and empathic. 

Empathy, awareness and intuition are now my superpowers.


 Superpowers I have spent 35 years learning to understand. I realized why some people make me so uncomfortable and I learned to discern the all the different cases and outcomes. Many people in this system that we live in, are unhappy. Unhappy with their lives, or their marriages or work and they can't pinpoint it. This discomfort transfers to their behavior and the vibration they are putting out into the world.


We are living by default, and we don't realize that we can choose how we show up, we can decide who we want to be and what energy we want people to feel when they come into our world.


 We can believe we are so powerless to change our circumstances and it's just not true! It pains me to see people stuck in their own minds and I am called to empower people to wake up to the truth. 

For most of my life I have been searching for something more. Feeling deeply unsatisfied with where I was, yet not sure where I wanted to be.

I'd pivot, make bold life changes, although without doing the inner work and having the tools and support to do it consciously, I was getting nowhere quickly.

At the same time being dragged through the healthcare system, I was told I had PCOS and perimenopause and made to feel like a fool and an inconvenience for trying to access information to do anything about it. As well as coming of the pill, which started years of symptoms that no doctor could help me with because their answer is to go back on the pill. For people who care about their health, the medical system is an issue and my journey kickstarted my passion for working with the female cycle. 


After a lot of coaching and soul searching, I found my passion. I have tried many things, but I never had the confidence to jump towards what I actually wanted. I was lying to myself. We fool ourselves into thinking "oh I can't do that", "that's for them, not me, I didn't have the same opportunities." 

I realized I was spending time thinking about old traumas over and over and over again and when I realized how often these movies were playing out in my mind, I was astonished at how much time and energy this was taking out of my reality. This pattern of thinking was creating my reality. I was journaling everyday trying to focus on what I wanted and then ...

off I'd go unconsciously reliving some horrible past. 

News flash! Your thoughts are keeping you stuck, unhappy and out of alignment with what you are actually meant to be, your true self, your true vibration, that will give you energy and vibrancy!

Being in a constant state of ungrounded discomfort, living out of alignment with our truth, releases the stress hormone, cortisol, and we all know that our bodies are not meant to be in a constant state of stress. If we have cortisol in our system for too long it literally leads to sickness, disease, tight muscles, injury, gut issues and even cancer.

Going to work every day, doing something that was out of alignment with my true energy, made me sick. 

I felt fat, puffy and sick.

What a mess...

But... it's all these circumstances that has grown my business into what it is today....

A fusion of my extensive background in Coaching and Matrix therapies to transform and heal trauma and eating disorders while optimizing one's health by using one's own feminine cycle to their advantage. 

I help exhausted, overwhelmed women connect with their bodies and achieve their relationship and health goals by using their feminine cycle to their advantage. 


You have to feel it to heal it!  


We cannot avoid our own reality! Our feelings are happening whether we want them to or not, so we may as well get in the driver's seat and become empowered. Mentally rehearsing what we don't want is creating our reality and with some awareness of what we are actually thinking, we now have all the power to create the reality we want. 

Attention goes where energy flows!

Where focus goes, energy flows.

And where energy flows, whatever you're focusing on GROWS!

Your life is controlled by what you focus on! 

By default, we are programmed to focus on negative situations that have happened before and it's that pattern that keeps people from leveling up. You don't even know you are doing it...

But you are...

Is it time for you to upgrade your truth?


  • Life is so busy.

  • A clear mind gives you more time.

  • All you have to do is start.

  • Slow down.

  • Do less and achieve more.

  • All you have to do is turn up. 

  • Abundance is possible for you.

  • You can have anything you want...

  • But only if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it...

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