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Listen To Your Body!

Trust yourself, even when it's scary. Choose holistic health, listen to your body, and don't wait for it to scream. For insights on healing, follow my page. Love you!
Listen To Your Body!

I heard this advice a long time ago, I can't remember where but it's very important.

My journey to listening to and honoring myself was a long one... and it can be scary.

There are MANY people who are MORE than willing to tell you, YOU ARE WRONG! And you are doing the wrong thing.

In some ways I have been staying true to my inner wisdom since I was very little and also, this sick system can be very persuasive.

In general doctors won't tell you what is actually required to get healthy, they will just put you on some medication and some random advice that doesn't make sense at all... for some, that’s all they have in their tool belt. (some functional medicine experts are amazing, I am generally speaking here)

That is why I go to Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Coaches, Ayurveda and Functional Medical Experts for health care. But most of all, I listen to my body.

Learning to listen is not always easy, it takes time, and we have to slow down a bit to do it.

Listen for the subtle messages:

How do you feel at work? How do you feel with your partner? How do you feel at the mall? How do you feel about your interactions with certain people?

The feelings we bottle up become the mental or physical sickness we are dealing with.

Don't wait for your body to scream at you.

If you want more information on how to heal your negative eating cycles forever by reconciling your inner child and harnessing the power of your monthly cycle, please reach out and follow my page…

Love you xox

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