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Luteal Phase

Flashback to 2015: Recovering from torn ligaments in New Zealand, pushing through boxing in a moon boot for an unrealistic body ideal. I've since learned the importance of rest and nourishment, especially during the luteal phase. If you're on a similar journey, reach out to learn about healing negative eating cycles. Love you xox.
Luteal Phase

My body is aching... What is wrong with me?

This is a post from my Facebook page, 2015, after a trip to New Zealand, where I tore multiple, grade 3 tears in the ligaments in my ankle on Mount Maunganui.

Here, I am finding ways to do my boxing training in a moon boot with torn ligaments.

This is me forcing… not flowing. This is me in my masculine, not feminine.

The caption: “Back home trying to recover.”

Hahaha oh my, I look at this now and laugh. In what world is training, boxing, dieting and not resting…. Recovery? This was well before I understood how important rest and nourishment is.

I desperately wanted to be skinny and I didn’t understand the female cycle, I didn’t slow down and I did unhealthy things to get the body I wanted.

I grew up unhappy with my body. My incredible, healthy, body.

There are many reasons why I felt this way, but that’s where I found myself and it has taken years and years to get over different phases of eating disorders.

Any way, through this process I started to realize… sometimes I was really, really sore and I was getting injured a lot! And sometimes I was fine, and I didn’t know why.

I didn’t realize that we need rest and slightly more food at the luteal and menstrual phases of our cycle.

My body aches if I don’t modify my routine in the luteal phase leading up to my Menzies and if we don't slow down, we are much more likely to get injured.

Love you

If you want more information on how to heal your negative eating cycles forever by reconciling your inner child and harnessing the power of your monthly cycle, please reach out and follow my page…

Love you xox

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